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Fly Fishing Lessons

While the first record of fly fishing dates back to the second century AD, the sport didn’t really become popular until the 1800s. In the 1800s fly fishing became very popular in Britain, Scandinavia and The United States. It was during this time that articles and books started being published on the sport, spreading the word of this “new” kind of fishing to be done using a line instead of a lure. In Britain, fly fishing was an elite sport and typically reserved for only the well to do, who had a penchant for forming exclusive fly fishing clubs. In America and Scandinavia, however, fly fishing was more of an “everyman” sport in that it attracted fans from all walks of life. Also, unlike the British who favored the traditional methods of fly fishing, the Americans and Scandinavians preferred to try out new things. They invented new types of fly rods, reels and lines and contributed much to what the sport is today.

Anybody can learn to fly fish. All you really need are a few fly fishing lessons from somebody who knows what they are doing and before long you will be casting away in a peaceful river or lake.

There are an abundance of websites and books available about fly fishing. You can learn all you need to know about what kind of gear you need, the clothes you will want to wear and the best places on the planet to travel to if you want to go on a fly fishing holiday. Unfortunately, learning to fly fish isn’t something you can really deduce from the written word. You will probably need to take fly fishing lessons from somebody who knows what they are doing. Often, you can learn how from the person who got you interested in the sport in the first place. There are also a ton of resources available for those who are approaching the sport from a place of simple curiosity.

A simple web search will bring up all sorts of websites devoted to reviewing the various places that give fly fishing lessons.

You will be able to find contact for these schools and lesson givers as well as reviews from people who have gone through them. All you really need to do is find the listings for your local area and start making phone calls. Before you know it you could be thigh deep in a river casting your line and landing your first fish. All it will take are a few fly fishing lessons and you’ll be on your way!

Fly fishing is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the world. People are flocking to rivers like the Yellowstone and the Snake in Montana and Idaho to take part in the fabulous trout fishing that is to be had there. People will travel all over the world to fly fish in exotic locations like Africa and Costa Rica. Fly fishing is no longer a sport for a few elite members of society. Now it is a sport for anyone who wants to take part.

Fly Fishing Lessons Tip #1

The main difference between fly fishing and other types of fishing is that instead of using a lure, fly fishing casts a line. Fly fishing line is typically heavier which makes it easier to cast than other fishing line.

Fly Fishing Lessons Tip #2

The flies used in fly fishing are typically thought of as either attractive or imitative. The attractive flies are used to prompt instinctive strikes by not looking like natural prey and instead environmental intruders. Flies that are imitative are flies that are made to look like the fish’s natural food.

Fly Fishing Lessons Tip #3

Fly fishing is one of the most popular methods used by fishermen (and fisherwomen) to catch salmon and trout. Fly fishing can also be used to catch bass, pike, carp, panfish, snook, bonefish, redfish, the striped bass and tarpon. Learn Fly Fishing Lessons Now!